Friday, February 15, 2008

give a little love

While many people are probably thrilled that Valentine's Day is over I'm a little sad. Not because of the sappy romance side of things, but because I love candy and V-Day is the time of year when all that nasty yellow, green and purple candy is replaced with the colors we dig for all year long--red and pink! Not to mention those really gross candy hearts that I just can't seem to get enough of. Sugar, corn syrup and artificial flavors, yum!

But it's over. Keep out of the seasonal aisle of Albertsons for a day though will you? I'm gettin' stocked up on the cheap this weekend.

Tonight there's a triple threat of art over at High Mayhem. The super sassy party photos of Alexis Brown kick off the night. Brown's got a great eye and some colorful friends. I can't wait to see who the shots are of! Then We Drew Lightning, a little psychadelic rock and Health, this crazy dance, experiemental, punk, noise band from LA. Health came through last year and I remember enjoying myself thoroughly.

Then tomorrow it's off to CSF for Large and Small Rooms. Somehow I keep missing this band and am determined NOT to do so this time around. Fortunately, if I do happen to drop the ball they've got a few more shows coming up.

On the V-Day candy note: I will not be stocking up on tootsie pops. Yuck. The outer candy is so good. The tootsie part, not so much.

Also: I fucking love Al Green. If I have 1/10th his cool I'm doing pretty good.

Tonight the Gender Offenders are doing a special post V-Day show. I've seen the group before, they're always a lot of fun. (Read more in the Reporter, I wrote about this a little more elegantly! And more on Health/We Drew Lightning and a couple of other cool events that I'm going to have to duck out on. Go! They'll be great. I would, but I gotta get my sleep.)