Tuesday, February 12, 2008

bad blogger!

So, I've been doing a heckuva job not blogging lately. Not because there's nothing going on, but because there's been a lot and it's been busy. Plus the old internet here at the Reporter office has been on the fritz which means that online time has been precious and busy.

So let's roll back in time to three Mondays ago and start with the Eoto show at the Brewing Company. Honestly, I didn't expect much from two guys from the String Cheese Incident on electronics. The traveling hippie thing has never worked for me, but I'll try anything once (read: Rainbow Gathering). Eoto was a touch jam band-y, which was kind of expected, but good. They got a solid crowd on the dance floor and kept it up. I wanted the beats a little faster, but definitely a solid show. The guy on electronics definitely knew his shit and seemed to have control over all the music, with the other guy on drums backing him up, but not adding too much.

I'm sure lots of fun things happened between then and the following Monday but nothing stands out too much, so...jumping ahead.

Snowy Monday night, getting ready to toss some laundry in the machine and slack off with a book or movie when the phone rang. An invitation to Second Street for beer sounded way better than a date with the lint trap so on went the shoes and out the door I went. Showed up for the company and got a surreal experience instead. As soon as I walked in the door I noticed the tie-dyed wall hanging and CD table. Hmmm...Second Street doesn't usually have music on Mondays, but hey. Cool. My friend arrived and we scoped out the situation. Looked a little new agey, but we were game. Expecting a flute or, as my friend put it, some kind of hipster Ricki Lee Jones (which I kept hearing as Joni Mitchell) thing. Nope. Instead we were treated to a beat-boxing librarian who sang a song called "Dr. Bronners makes your hoo-hoo tingle." Okay then. We'd guessed that Celia was from Austin, just trying to make her way back. She was from Oregon, probably the second guess if we'd made one, so my friend and I decided that she was still working her way too or from Austin. Didn't want to confirm this though, as it was a little too much for dinner music.

A couple days later I got to watch Diva, a flick from the '80s that's playing at The Screen this week. It was great. Had a bit of that Hunger look to it--dark, smooth, a little neon lighting here and there. Also a little bit of a contemporary film noir. I don't want to ruin it because it was great. Get in your car and drive to The Screen right now before it goes away.

Through a series of friends I've found myself hooked on the HBO show Flight of the Conchords. Goddamn it's funny. Since I don't have a TV I've been watching the DVD, way better, no commercials!, and am almost finished.

K, so the Internets went down again during this, so there aren't any links for most of this post, but that's why we have google right?

Lots of good things coming up. Another busy week ahead, must try to blog more.