Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Wild Web of Music

After posting last week about Pandora it seemed that every third person I know started randomly asking me if I'd used it. Serendipity to be sure.

So I went out looking on the webs to see if something else was better. Bouncing around blogs looking for recommendations I found a few references on the blog of a friend of mine to Last.fm, I figured, after all the Pandrama I'd better give something else a shot. Way better! This guy looked through my iTunes--okay that part is a little creepy--and saw that I have a mess of music in there. It pulled out the last thing I'd been listening to, Brightblack Morning Light, and for some three hours gave me happy music that I know and like but needed to know more about. Pandora felt like it was just giving me rip offs of music that sounded like each other--which I guess it is--but somehow Last knows that Darker My Love isn't some Panic at the Disco emo band like I thought they were, but something that I should hear. I may not love it, but I like it. Six Organs of Admittance though, never heard of you, love you, marry me! And Akron/Family, Castanets, Panda Bear, A Silver Mt. Zion and on and on, this is what I wanted.

It's like I have my very own personal DJ. Yay. My bitterness shall leave, at least until tomorrow.

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