Friday, September 19, 2008

Oh Jesus

Revive Santa Fe, a seven day long prayer fest that includes evangelical services and music, has been causing a little controversy around town because of a line on its Web site that states part of the problem in the world is the "Homosexual Explosion." The site goes on to say that, "Enough is enough. The comparisons of Sodom and Gomorrah to the United States are, unfortunately, accurate. We must stop affirming the homosexual lifestyle as an accepted behavior within society."

Not surprisingly this wordage that ruffled a few petticoats in the community (gay and straight) and an e-mail was forwarded by a few upset folks to a variety of people, including, apparently, to the Mayor who, along with guitarist Ramon Bermudez, canceled his appearance to speak at the event.

Last night, a small group set up shop in front of the conference to demonstrate their own idea of love. The group, led by local performer Wenda Watch (Darron Dunbar), led a peaceful protest and invited SFR to come along and record the conversation.

Wenda gets invited in.

Pastor Doug Brown is the main speaker in this video. Check out 1 minute and 5 seconds into video two. What was he about say?

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