Friday, September 19, 2008

It's A Sexist, Sexist World

I finally got around to watching the DVDs of Mad Men (not having a TV means that it takes me a little longer to get to this stuff than other people) and I'm kind of shocked at the awards and press that the show has gotten.

I like the stylized sets and clothes but I feel like the whole show is based around over dramatizing a sexism that used to exist. A few of the lines in there, such as "don't be afraid of the technology honey, the men who made this made it easy enough for a woman to use" don't fit when spoken by a secretary to another woman who has just graduated from secretary school--just the kind of place I'd imagine they taught women to use typewriters. It's also sexist against the men who have nothing better to do than degrade the women and try to sleep with them. It seems like even their work is done solely to get under the skirts of women (who won't understand what it is the men are doing anyway). In fact, it may be more sexist toward the men, because the men have no depth, whereas the women are the (somewhat) complex characters.

Granted, I've only watched two episodes, but I've had enough. So if anyone feels differently let me know why, because I just don't get it.

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