Thursday, December 6, 2007

wait, you can get paid for that?

The CCA ends its Vox Performa series tonight with Gary Mex Glazner and reg e gaines. According to the Web site Glazner has left our little adobe town for the bright lights of NYC. Good for him, bummer for us. Glazner is not only a wonderful poet, but one of those people who makes the world better by doing what he loves. His Alzheimer's Poetry Project is one of those amazing works of art therapy that any artist is capable of but just the kind of thing that so many artists forget about while they're caught up in the ego of it all to think about.

Both Glazner and gaines are poets that work with musicality instead of just words. For the performance a local group Adobe Gillis (whose name I get but can't give props for, it's just too damn punny for my taste, though clever) joins Glazner.

I'm not normally a fan of live poetry, or hell, even modern poetry. Give me Lord Byron or Coolridge any day, but it's worth checking out, even for the literary snobbish, like myself.