Thursday, January 3, 2008

funky font

Okay, so watching a movie about a font doesn't sound all that cool to most people. It does to me, but that may just be evidence as to my mental instability.

Anyway, we had a few days off over the holidays and I spent a lot of good quality time on my ass watching movies. Mostly rewatching old John Cusack movies that I've seen a thousand times before, because, frankly, High Fidelity never gets old. But after reliving the music snob world of Championship Vinyl it was time to move onto something even geekier. Helvetica, an 80 some odd minute documentary about a typeface. Sounds lame. It's not. People are crazy about this font. You're probably surrounded by it right now. And there are two, very different, schools of thought when it comes to the aesthetic of the font. School 1 is the lovers. Helvetica is one of three fonts they'll use. They find it crisp, traditional--though a touch sassy--and so clean that the eye reads it without thinking about its existence. School 2 is the haters. They find it boring, feel that the world is surrounded by bad taste and a few on the fringe are actually morally opposed to what it represents.

It's kinda insane. But it's fascinating.